An 8-bit fighting game that took over the world

Science Kombat is a game I helped make for Superinteressante. You got to choose 8 scientists to fight with each other. Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Alan Turing, Pythagoras, Nikola Tesla and Stephen Hawking. Each one of them have a special move based on their real life legacy.

Before the launch, the game has gone viral and ended up featured on inumerous websites all over the world. Users were eager to play it. We had to work fast!

Here I’ll show you my role in this project.

Early concepts and logo creation

Concept 1
Thank God...
Concept 2
...we evolved from that
Logo 1
Logo 2
Almost there
Final Logo
Final version

The interface

For the games interface, I've joined forces with Daniel Ito, a talented designer on my team. Together, we worked on all screens and animations.*

Interface 1 Interface 2 Interface 3
Interface 4 Interface 5 Interface 6
Interface 7 Interface 8 Interface 9
Interface 10 Interface 11 Interface 12

*Character designs and fight backgrounds by Diego Sanches.

The soundtrack

Now this is the part I had the most fun. Besides the songs, I made all the sound effects, like button pushing, confirming action, punches, kicks, falls, special movements, etc.


You can play the desktop version of Science Kombat right here, right now.

I would like to thank everyone on the team who made this game happen, specially Fred di Giacomo, the mastermind behind the game and Daniel Ito, my fellow designer and friend who helped me bring this interface to life.

Thank you!