This is a picture of Juliana Moreira, aka Jujuqui. A woman in ther late thirties, with dark blonde curled hair, white skin and green eyes. In the picture, she is smiling at the viewer, with her mouth closed.

Juliana Moreira

About me

First things first
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I consider myself a multimedia designer. Why?

I'm a Product Designer

I create seamless user experiences by combining creativity, functionality and empathy to craft solutions for everyone. My role is multifaceted, blending elements of design, information architecture and psychology to develop products that not only meet user needs, but also delight and inspire. I have also proven to be a strong technical leader. My colleagues see me as a reference, which makes me proud and drives me to be even better.

…Who codes.

I'm a front-end developer, too! My knowledge of HTML and CSS is pretty advanced. Javascript (and React, NextJS and other frameworks) is a little more limited, but I know how to navigate through code and recognize the logic behind it. Thanks to that I'm able to design feasible interfaces and have a great relationship with developers. I know a little about PHP - thanks to Wordpress and site management (and my past as a blogger).

I'm also an illustrator

I've been drawing as long as I can remember. I work with traditional and digital media with no preference between them. Actually almost all of my work is a mix of traditional and digital. The only exception is pixel-art. You can see a little bit of my work here on my portfolio. I also publish once in a while on Instagram and Tumblr. Oh, and I make comics! Have I mentioned I have a webcomic?

…Among other things.

By other things you can add Game Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design and... Product Design? The traditional one. Like chairs, tables and basically my entire apartment.

Oh, and I make music!

Chiptune music to be more specific. Have you listened? These are my greatest "hits". There's more on my Soundcloud.

I'm ALWAYS creating something new

I'm not much of a fan of old things (except old videogame music, museums and ancient greek philosophers). I'm constantly looking into the future and what will be the next big thing. What it will bring for me? And for us?